Top 10 Gaming Startups in IndiaTop 10 Gaming Startups in India

India’s gaming industry is experiencing explosive growth, driven by a young, tech-savvy population and increasing internet penetration. The country’s gaming ecosystem is being shaped by a dynamic array of startups that are developing innovative games, platforms, and technologies to captivate both local and global audiences. Here is an introduction to the top 10 gaming startups in India, each contributing uniquely to the burgeoning gaming landscape

1. Dream11

Summary: Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that allows users to create virtual teams of real-life players and compete based on their performances in actual matches. It covers a variety of sports, including cricket, football, and basketball.

HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key FeaturesFantasy sports, multiple sports options
Special FeaturesExtensive user base, innovative gameplay

2. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Summary: MPL is a leading mobile e-sports platform that hosts various skill-based games and tournaments. Users can play and compete for cash prizes in games like chess, carrom, and fantasy sports.

HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka
Key FeaturesE-sports platform, wide range of games
Special FeaturesReal cash prizes, frequent tournaments

3. Nazara Technologies

Summary: Nazara Technologies is a diversified gaming and sports media platform with a presence in India and globally. It operates in segments like e-sports, interactive gaming, and gamified learning.

HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key FeaturesInteractive gaming, e-sports, gamified learning
Special FeaturesStrong market presence, diverse portfolio
WebsiteNazara Technologies

4. Dream Sports

Summary: Dream Sports is the parent company of Dream11 and other ventures focused on sports technology and fan engagement. The company is a leader in the sports tech industry, enhancing the fan experience through innovative products.

HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key FeaturesSports technology, fan engagement
Special FeaturesMultiple ventures, strong market presence
WebsiteDream Sports

5. WinZO Games

Summary: WinZO Games is a social gaming platform offering a wide variety of casual and skill-based games. It focuses on the Indian market, providing localized content and rewarding users with real cash prizes.

HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
Key FeaturesSocial gaming, real cash prizes
Special FeaturesLocalized content, diverse game offerings
WebsiteWinZO Games

6. Octro Inc.

Summary: Octro Inc. is known for its popular card games like Teen Patti and Indian Rummy. The company focuses on creating engaging mobile games that cater to the preferences of Indian gamers.

HeadquartersNoida, Uttar Pradesh
Key FeaturesCard games, mobile gaming
Special FeaturesPopular titles, strong user engagement
WebsiteOctro Inc.

7. 99Games

Summary: 99Games develops high-quality games for mobile platforms. Its portfolio includes games like Dhoom:3 The Game and Star Chef, which have been successful both in India and internationally.

HeadquartersUdupi, Karnataka
Key FeaturesMobile gaming, diverse genres
Special FeaturesInternational success, high-quality games

8. JetSynthesys

Summary: JetSynthesys is a digital entertainment and technology company focusing on gaming, music, and digital content. It has developed popular games like Sachin Saga Cricket Champions.

HeadquartersPune, Maharashtra
Key FeaturesDigital entertainment, gaming
Special FeaturesCelebrity collaborations, diverse content

9. Gametion Technologies

Summary: Gametion Technologies is the developer of the immensely popular game Ludo King, which has gained massive popularity in India and globally. The company focuses on creating engaging and accessible games for all age groups.

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Key FeaturesCasual gaming, multiplayer games
Special FeaturesHigh user engagement, popular titles
WebsiteGametion Technologies

10. Games2win

Summary: Games2win is a mobile gaming company with a large portfolio of casual and social games. It operates games like Parking Frenzy and International Fashion Stylist, appealing to a global audience.

HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key FeaturesCasual games, social gaming
Special FeaturesLarge portfolio, global reach

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaming Startups in India

Q: What types of games are popular among Indian gaming startups?
A: Indian gaming startups develop a variety of games, including fantasy sports, casual games, card games, skill-based games, and e-sports. Popular genres include cricket, puzzle games, and social gaming.

Q: How do gaming startups in India monetize their platforms?
A: Gaming startups monetize through various models, including in-app purchases, advertisements, subscription services, and real cash prizes. Fantasy sports platforms like Dream11 also earn through entry fees for tournaments.

Q: What role does localization play in the success of Indian gaming startups?
A: Localization is crucial as it ensures the games cater to the cultural preferences and languages of Indian users. Startups like WinZO Games focus on localized content to enhance user engagement and retention.

Q: How are Indian gaming startups contributing to the global gaming industry?
A: Indian gaming startups are gaining international recognition by developing high-quality games that appeal to a global audience. Companies like 99Games and Games2win have seen success with games that perform well in international markets.

Q: What are the growth prospects for the gaming industry in India?
A: The gaming industry in India is expected to grow rapidly due to increasing internet penetration, affordable smartphones, and a young population. The rise of e-sports and mobile gaming will further drive growth.


The gaming industry in India is on an upward trajectory, with numerous startups innovating and creating engaging experiences for gamers. From fantasy sports and e-sports platforms to casual and skill-based games, these startups are capturing the imagination of millions. As the industry continues to evolve, these gaming startups are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of digital entertainment in India and beyond. Their focus on quality, innovation, and localization will ensure sustained growth and success in the competitive global gaming landscape.


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