Top 10 Real Estate Developers in IndiaTop 10 Real Estate Developers in India

India’s real estate sector has experienced significant growth, driven by rapid urbanization, increasing income levels, and rising demand for residential, commercial, and retail spaces. The industry is marked by the presence of several prominent real estate developers who have played a crucial role in shaping the urban landscape of the country. Here’s an introduction to the top 10 real estate developers in India:

1. DLF Limited

DLF Limited is one of the largest and most renowned real estate developers in India. Founded in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh, DLF has developed some of the most iconic residential, commercial, and retail projects across India, particularly in Gurgaon.

FounderChaudhary Raghvendra Singh
Year Founded1946
HeadquartersNew Delhi
Major ProjectsCyber City, DLF Mall of India
Areas ServedPan India

DLF Limited – Top 10 Real Estate Developers in India

2. Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties, part of the Godrej Group, is known for its innovative and sustainable real estate projects. Established in 1990, the company integrates cutting-edge design and technology in its developments.

FounderAdi Godrej
Year Founded1990
Major ProjectsGodrej Garden City, The Trees
Areas ServedPan India

Godrej Properties –Top 10 Real Estate Developers in India

3. Lodha Group

Lodha Group, founded by Mangal Prabhat Lodha in 1980, is a leading real estate developer with a focus on luxury residential and commercial spaces. The company is renowned for its landmark projects and timely delivery.

FounderMangal Prabhat Lodha
Year Founded1980
Major ProjectsLodha Altamount, Palava City
Areas ServedPan India

Lodha Group -Top 10 Real Estate Developers in India

4. Prestige Group

Prestige Group, established in 1986 by Razack Sattar, has grown to become one of the leading real estate developers in South India. The group is known for its diverse portfolio, including residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects.

FounderRazack Sattar
Year Founded1986
Major ProjectsPrestige Shantiniketan, UB City
Areas ServedSouth India

Prestige Group -Top 10 Real Estate Developers in India

5. Sobha Limited

Sobha Limited, founded in 1995 by PNC Menon, is a prominent real estate developer with a reputation for high-quality construction and timely delivery. The company has a strong presence in Bangalore and other major cities.

FounderPNC Menon
Year Founded1995
Major ProjectsSobha City, Sobha Dream Acres
Areas ServedPan India

Sobha Limited -Top 10 Real Estate Developers in India

6. Brigade Group

Brigade Group, established in 1986 by M.R. Jaishankar, is one of the leading developers in South India. The group has developed many landmark projects, including integrated townships, residential complexes, commercial offices, and luxury hotels.

FounderM.R. Jaishankar
Year Founded1986
Major ProjectsBrigade Gateway, Orion Mall
Areas ServedSouth India

7. Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty, founded in 1998 by Vikas Oberoi, is a premier real estate developer known for its luxurious residential and commercial properties in Mumbai. The company emphasizes sustainability and modern architecture.

FounderVikas Oberoi
Year Founded1998
Major ProjectsOberoi Garden City, Oberoi Sky City
Areas ServedMumbai

8. Hiranandani Group

Hiranandani Group, established by Niranjan Hiranandani and Surendra Hiranandani in 1978, is synonymous with high-quality residential and commercial developments. The group is particularly known for its townships and integrated communities.

FounderNiranjan Hiranandani, Surendra Hiranandani
Year Founded1978
Major ProjectsHiranandani Gardens, Hiranandani Estate
Areas ServedPan India

9. Tata Housing Development Company

Tata Housing, a subsidiary of Tata Sons, was founded in 1986 and has become one of the most trusted names in real estate. The company is known for its emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, with projects across various segments.

FounderSubsidiary of Tata Sons
Year Founded1986
Major ProjectsAmantra, Primanti
Areas ServedPan India

10. Puravankara Limited

Puravankara Limited, founded in 1975 by Ravi Puravankara, is a prominent real estate developer with a strong presence in South India. The company is known for its luxury and affordable housing projects, catering to a wide range of customers.

FounderRavi Puravankara
Year Founded1975
Major ProjectsPurva Riviera, Purva Westend
Areas ServedSouth India

FAQs on Top 10 Real Estate Developers in India:

1. Which is the oldest real estate developer in this list?

DLF Limited, founded in 1946, is the oldest real estate developer among the top 10 in India.

2. Which developer is known for its eco-friendly projects?

Godrej Properties is renowned for its sustainable and eco-friendly real estate projects.

3. Which real estate developer has a strong presence in South India?

Prestige Group and Brigade Group both have a strong presence in South India, particularly in Bangalore.

4. Who founded Sobha Limited?

PNC Menon founded Sobha Limited in 1995.

5. What is Tata Housing known for?

Tata Housing is known for its quality construction, customer satisfaction, and projects across various market segments.


The top real estate developers in India have significantly contributed to the country’s urban development with their innovative, high-quality projects. Whether it’s luxury residences, commercial spaces, or sustainable developments, these companies continue to set new benchmarks in the industry, driving growth and enhancing the urban experience for millions of Indians.

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