Top 10 Beauty Tech startups in India"Redefining Glamour: Top 10 Beauty Tech Startups in India Transforming the Industry in 2024"


  • Overview: Provides cloud-based business management software for salons, spas, and other service industries.
  • Innovation: Utilizes AI, predictive analytics, and mobile applications to streamline operations such as inventory management, marketing, payments, and employee management.
  • Impact: Enhances efficiency and customer experience in the beauty service industry, driving business growth and operational excellence.
Founded Year2010
LocationBellevue, United States
StageSeries D
InvestorsTPG, Norwest Venture Partners, and others
Competitors Rank2 of 795 Competitors

Mars by GHC

  • Overview: An internet-first brand offering men’s hair care, skincare, and wellness products.
  • Innovation: Includes a questionnaire-based teleconsultation platform for personalized treatment plans.
  • Impact: Addresses specific male grooming and wellness needs, promoting self-care and personal health among men.
Founded Year2021
LocationHyderabad, India
StageSeries A
InvestorsKhosla Ventures, Flucas Ventures, and others
Competitors Rank4 of 56 Competitors


  • Overview: Offers eco-friendly and organic menstrual hygiene products.
  • Innovation: Provides reusable, chemical-free menstrual products like panty liners, pads, tampons, and more.
  • Impact: Promotes sustainable menstruation practices and reduces environmental waste associated with traditional menstrual products.
Founded Year2020
LocationHyderabad, India
InvestorsAnicut Capital, Hyderabad Angels, and others
Competitors Rank2 of 34 Competitors


  • Overview: Internet-first brand providing multi-category organic beauty products.
  • Innovation: Utilizes Ayurvedic and organic ingredients in products such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, and oils.
  • Impact: Encourages the use of natural and holistic beauty products, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and environmental sustainability.
Founded Year2014
LocationHyderabad, India
InvestorsHedge Equities, Greenspecialities, and others
Competitors Rank4 of 81 Competitors


  • Overview: Offers customized beauty products through an online platform.
  • Innovation: Uses a quiz to provide personalized skincare and haircare product recommendations.
  • Impact: Delivers tailored skincare solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction and skin health.
Founded Year2016
LocationHyderabad, India
StageSeries A
InvestorsRPSG Capital Ventures and 1 Other
Competitors Rank1 of 3 Competitors


  • Overview: Personalized Ayurvedic haircare and skincare regimen provider.
  • Innovation: Utilizes a personalized quiz to recommend products based on individual needs.
  • Impact: Promotes the use of traditional Ayurvedic practices in modern beauty routines, fostering a connection between ancient wisdom adixnd contemporary needs.
Founded Year2018
LocationHyderabad, India
StageSeries A
InvestorsRPSG Capital Ventures and 1 Other
Competitors Rank9 of 81 Competitors


  • Overview: Mobile app-based marketplace for at-home beauty and wellness services.
  • Innovation: Certifies, background checks, and trains professionals for home services.
  • Impact: Makes beauty and wellness services more accessible and convenient, enhancing customer experience and professional service standards.
Founded Year2015
LocationHyderabad, India
Competitors Rank6 of 144 Competitors

Unsweetened Beauty

  • Overview: Online platform for community-based skincare product recommendations.
  • Innovation: Uses community feedback to recommend products for various skin concerns.
  • Impact: Empowers users to make informed skincare choices based on real user experiences, fostering a supportive skincare community.
Founded Year2021
LocationHyderabad, India
InvestorsRebalance and 2 Others
Competitors Rank1 of 1 Competitors


  • Overview: Online site offering beauty and wellness information for Indian women.
  • Innovation: Provides expert advice, tutorials, and trend updates on beauty and wellness.
  • Impact: Educates and empowers women with knowledge about beauty and wellness, helping them make better-informed decisions.
Founded Year2011
LocationHyderabad, India
InvestorsVentureast, RPSG Capital Ventures, and 2 Others
Competitors Rank71 of 990 Competitors


  • Overview: Internet-first brand offering vegan facial beauty products.
  • Innovation: Utilizes natural, skin-friendly ingredients in products like sunscreens, moisturizers, and serums.
  • Impact: Promotes vegan and natural beauty products, supporting ethical consumption and skincare health.
Founded Year2017
LocationHyderabad, India
InvestorsAnthill Ventures, Anthill Studio, and 18 Others
Competitors Rank47 of 561 Competitors

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Beauty Tech startups in India

1. What is a Beauty Tech startup?

  • Answer: A Beauty Tech startup combines technology and beauty/wellness products or services. These startups often leverage innovations like AI, personalized recommendations, or mobile apps to enhance customer experience in the beauty industry.

2. What types of products/services do Beauty Tech startups offer?

  • Answer: Beauty Tech startups offer a wide range of products and services, including:
    • Skincare and haircare products tailored to individual needs.
    • Beauty treatments or wellness services delivered via mobile apps.
    • Eco-friendly and organic beauty products.
    • Virtual beauty consultations and personalized recommendations.

3. How do Beauty Tech startups use technology?

  • Answer: Technology is integral to Beauty Tech startups in several ways:
    • AI and machine learning for personalized product recommendations.
    • Mobile apps for booking beauty services or purchasing products.
    • Cloud-based platforms for salon or spa management.
    • Virtual try-on tools for makeup and skincare products.

4. What are the benefits of using Beauty Tech products/services?

  • Answer: Benefits include:
    • Personalized skincare and haircare solutions tailored to specific needs.
    • Convenience through mobile apps for booking services or purchasing products.
    • Access to eco-friendly and sustainable beauty options.
    • Enhanced customer experience with AI-driven recommendations.

5. How can I find the right Beauty Tech startup for my needs?

  • Answer: Consider factors like:
    • Specific beauty concerns (e.g., skincare, haircare, wellness).
    • Preference for organic or eco-friendly products.
    • Desired features such as AI recommendations or mobile app accessibility.
    • Reviews and recommendations from other users.

6. Are Beauty Tech products safe to use?

  • Answer: Most Beauty Tech startups prioritize safety and quality. Look for startups that use natural ingredients, have positive customer reviews, and adhere to regulatory standards.

7. How can Beauty Tech startups contribute to sustainability?

  • Answer: Many Beauty Tech startups offer eco-friendly or reusable products, reducing environmental impact. They may also promote sustainable practices in product sourcing and packaging.

8. Are Beauty Tech startups only for women?

  • Answer: No, Beauty Tech startups cater to both men and women. Some focus specifically on men’s grooming or wellness needs, while others offer unisex products or services.

9. How can I invest in Beauty Tech startups?

  • Answer: You can invest through:
    • Venture capital firms specializing in tech or beauty sectors.
    • Crowdfunding platforms that list startups.
    • Direct investment opportunities if the startup offers public investment rounds.

10. What are some notable Beauty Tech startups in India?

  • Answer: Examples include Zenoti, SkinKraft, Mars by GHC, and LemmeBe, which offer innovative solutions in salon management, personalized skincare, men’s grooming, and eco-friendly products.

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