Top 10 Robotics Startups in India"Discover the Top 10 Robotics Startups in India: Leading the Future of Automation and Innovation"

India’s rapidly growing tech ecosystem has seen a remarkable surge in robotics startups, driving innovation across diverse industries. These startups are leading the charge in utilizing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to tackle intricate challenges and transform traditional processes. They are pioneering developments in industrial automation, healthcare solutions, educational robotics, and agricultural advancements, pushing the boundaries and reshaping the future of robotics not just in India but on a global level. Here are ten prominent robotics startups in India making substantial progress in their specialized fields.


GreyOrange is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures, and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation in warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers. Founded in 2011 by Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta, GreyOrange has gained prominence for its AI-powered robotics solutions that optimize supply chain operations and enhance productivity. The company’s flagship products include Butler and Sorter, which are autonomous mobile robots capable of handling various tasks such as sorting, picking, and packing in logistics environments. GreyOrange has received significant funding from investors and continues to expand its global footprint in the field of robotics and automation.

FoundersSamay Kohli, Akash Gupta
HQ LocationGurgaon, India
IndustryRobotics, Automation
Key ProductsButler, Sorter

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Emotix is a robotics startup specializing in creating companion robots that enhance emotional and cognitive development in children. Founded by Sneh Vaswani, Chintan Raikar, and Prashant Iyengar in 2014, Emotix’s flagship product, Miko, is an AI-powered robot designed to engage children through educational content and interactive play. The robot uses natural language processing and facial recognition to understand and respond to children’s emotions, making it a unique tool for learning and entertainment. Emotix has garnered attention for its innovative approach to robotics in education and continues to innovate in the field of social robotics.

FoundersSneh Vaswani, Chintan Raikar, Prashant Iyengar
HQ LocationMumbai, India
IndustryRobotics, AI
Key ProductsMiko Robot

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3.Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics is a robotics startup focused on developing robotic solutions for industrial automation and research applications. Established in 2013 by graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Sastra Robotics specializes in designing custom robotic systems that cater to specific industrial needs, such as material handling, inspection, and manufacturing processes. The company integrates advanced technologies like machine vision and AI to enhance the efficiency and precision of its robotic solutions, making them suitable for diverse industries. Sastra Robotics continues to grow its portfolio and collaborate with global partners to expand its presence in the robotics market.

FoundersIIT Madras graduates
HQ LocationBengalore, India
IndustryRobotics, Industrial Automation
Key ProductsCustom Robotic Systems

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4.Asimov Robotics

Asimov Robotics is a leading robotics company in India specializing in humanoid robots and robotic automation solutions. Founded by Jayakrishnan T and Prasanna Kumar in 2012, Asimov Robotics focuses on developing advanced humanoid robots that can be used in various applications such as customer service, healthcare assistance, and education. The company’s flagship product, KARMI Bot, is designed to interact with humans naturally and perform tasks autonomously, leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities. Asimov Robotics aims to revolutionize human-robot interaction and expand the adoption of robotics across different sectors through innovation and technology integration.

FoundersJayakrishnan T, Prasanna Kumar
HQ LocationKochi, India
IndustryRobotics, AI
Key ProductsKARMI Bot, Humanoid Robots

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5.DiFACTO Robotics and Automation

DiFACTO Robotics and Automation is a pioneering company in India specializing in industrial robotics and automation solutions. Established in 2008, DiFACTO focuses on providing customized robotic systems for manufacturing processes across various industries, including automotive, electronics, and FMCG sectors. The company offers a range of robotic solutions such as welding robots, assembly line robots, and material handling robots, leveraging advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency and quality. DiFACTO’s expertise lies in integrating robotics with IoT and AI to create smart manufacturing solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

HQ LocationPune, India
IndustryRobotics, Automation
Key ProductsCustomized Robotic Systems

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6.Robotech Labs

Robotech Labs is a startup specializing in educational robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning solutions for students and educators. Founded in 2016 by Abhishek Sharma and Pankaj Dubey, Robotech Labs aims to foster creativity and innovation among students through hands-on experience with robotics kits and programming tools. The company’s flagship product, RoboGenius Academy, offers comprehensive robotics courses that cover various aspects of robotics, coding, and electronics. Robotech Labs is committed to promoting STEM education in India and empowering the next generation of innovators through its educational programs.

FoundersAbhishek Sharma, Pankaj Dubey
HQ LocationNew Delhi, India
IndustryEducational Robotics, STEM Education
Key ProductsRoboGenius Academy, Robotics Kits

7.Gridbots Technologies

Gridbots Technologies is a robotics company specializing in AI-driven robotic solutions for industrial and defense applications. Founded in 2007 by Pulkit Gaur, Gridbots focuses on developing intelligent robotic systems that enhance operational efficiency and safety in complex environments. The company’s product portfolio includes robotic solutions for surveillance, hazardous material handling, and remote inspection, leveraging AI, computer vision, and robotics technologies. Gridbots Technologies caters to a diverse range of industries and continues to innovate in the field of autonomous robotics for challenging scenarios.

FoundersPulkit Gaur
HQ LocationAhmedabad, India
IndustryRobotics, AI, Defense
Key ProductsAI-driven Robotic Systems

8.GreyMatters Robotics

GreyMatters Robotics specializes in developing robotic solutions for the healthcare sector, focusing on rehabilitation and assistive robotics. Founded in 2016 by Anoop N and Vivekanandan R, GreyMatters Robotics aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through innovative robotic technologies. The company’s flagship product, KUKA RoboHealer, is a rehabilitation robot designed to assist patients in performing therapeutic exercises and regaining mobility. GreyMatters Robotics combines robotics, AI, and healthcare expertise to create personalized rehabilitation solutions that cater to the unique needs of patients.

FoundersAnoop N, Vivekanandan R
HQ LocationBengaluru, India
IndustryHealthcare Robotics
Key ProductsKUKA RoboHealer, Rehabilitation Robotics

9.Planys Technologies

Planys Technologies is an underwater robotic startup specializing in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for underwater inspections and surveys. Founded in 2015 by Tanuj Jhunjhunwala and Vineet Upadhyay, Planys Technologies offers cutting-edge ROV solutions equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technologies for various underwater applications. The company’s ROVs are used in sectors such as oil & gas, infrastructure, and maritime industries to perform inspections of underwater structures and environments. Planys Technologies is at the forefront of underwater robotics innovation in India and aims to expand its capabilities globally.

FoundersTanuj Jhunjhunwala, Vineet Upadhyay
HQ LocationChennai, India
IndustryUnderwater Robotics, Inspection
Key ProductsRemotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

10.Dexter Robotics

Dexter Robotics is a pioneering startup specializing in developing autonomous aerial drones for various industrial and commercial applications. Founded in 2015 by Rahul Sinha and Neha Singh, Dexter Robotics aims to revolutionize industries such as agriculture, infrastructure inspection, and emergency response with its advanced drone technologies. The company’s flagship product, SkyHawk, is a high-performance drone equipped with AI-powered navigation and sensor fusion capabilities, enabling precise aerial mapping, surveillance, and delivery operations. Dexter Robotics is committed to advancing drone technology in India and globally, catering to the growing demand for efficient and cost-effective aerial solutions.

FoundersRahul Sinha, Neha Singh
HQ LocationBengaluru, India
IndustryRobotics, Drones
Key ProductsSkyHawk Autonomous Drones

FAQs on Top 10 Robotics Startups in India:

1. What are robotics startups?
Robotics startups are companies that specialize in developing, manufacturing, and deploying robotic systems and technologies. These startups often focus on various applications such as industrial automation, healthcare robotics, educational tools, agricultural robotics, and more.

2. Why are robotics startups important?
Robotics startups play a crucial role in driving innovation by developing advanced technologies that improve efficiency, productivity, and safety across different industries. They contribute to economic growth, create new job opportunities, and enhance global competitiveness.

3. What role does AI play in robotics startups?
AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a pivotal role in robotics startups by enabling robots to perceive, learn, and make decisions autonomously. AI-powered robotics systems can analyze data in real-time, adapt to changing environments, and perform complex tasks with precision, thereby enhancing their capabilities across various applications.

4. How can I invest in robotics startups in India?
Investing in robotics startups in India can be done through various avenues:

  • Direct investment in private equity or venture capital funds focused on tech and robotics
  • Participating in crowdfunding platforms that support technology startups
  • Collaborating with angel investors or joining startup accelerators and incubators
  • Conducting thorough research on startups’ business models, technologies, and market potential before making investment decisions

In conclusion, the landscape of robotics startups in India reflects a dynamic blend of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement. These ten companies highlighted are just a glimpse into the diverse applications and transformative potential of robotics in various sectors. As they continue to evolve and expand their capabilities, they are not only driving economic growth but also fostering technological sovereignty in robotics and AI. With ongoing support from investors, academia, and the government, India’s robotics startups are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a future where intelligent machines augment human capabilities and redefine industries worldwide.

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