Kangana Ranaut at an airport, surrounded by security personnel, with a look of distress, highlighting the tensions from an alleged altercation with a CISF constable.Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh airport following an alleged altercation with CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur, highlighting ongoing tensions related to the farmers' protests.

A dramatic incident unfolded at Chandigarh airport involving actor and newly-elected Mandi MP, Kangana Ranaut, who was allegedly slapped by a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable, Kulwinder Kaur. The altercation, reportedly rooted in Ranaut’s controversial past remarks about the farmers’ protests, has spotlighted the ongoing tensions surrounding this divisive issue.

The confrontation began as Ranaut, escorted through the airport security checkpoint, engaged in a heated argument with Constable Kaur. Although a video circulating online captures the beginning of this altercation, it does not show the alleged slap. The incident has led to the constable’s arrest and subsequent investigation.

The background to this incident dates back to Ranaut’s contentious comments during the peak of the nationwide protests against the farm laws in 2020. In a now-deleted social media post, Ranaut had suggested that some protestors were paid as little as ₹100 to join the demonstrations, a remark that ignited widespread outrage and criticism.

In her social media recount of the airport incident, Ranaut described how she was accosted by Constable Kaur, who allegedly cited her support for the farmers’ cause as justification for the physical confrontation. Ranaut further expressed her concerns over the rising threat of terrorism in Punjab, tying the incident to broader security issues.

This altercation is not the first time Ranaut has stirred controversy with her comments on the farmers’ protests. She previously branded protestors as “terrorists” and accused them of attempting to destabilize India, in response to international attention drawn to the protests by pop star Rihanna. Such inflammatory rhetoric has significantly polarized public opinion and intensified the debate.

The farmers’ protests, which began in 2020 and continued into 2021, drew global attention and sparked intense national debate. Ranaut’s outspoken opposition and controversial remarks have contributed to the heightened tensions and division on this issue.

As the investigation into the Chandigarh airport incident proceeds, it highlights the volatile nature of public discourse surrounding sensitive socio-political issues like the farmers’ protests. The arrest of Constable Kaur underscores the potential for confrontations to escalate in an already fraught environment.

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