Government Initiates Discussion on Gender Sensitization in Media


Government Initiates Discussion on Gender Sensitization in Media Government Initiates Discussion on Gender Sensitization in Media Ministry of Information and Broadcasting convenes stakeholders to discuss gender portrayal in media, focusing on diversity, accountability, and empowering narratives. Government commits to driving change and promoting gender equality, highlighting initiatives and collaboration opportunities for an inclusive media landscape fostering equal representation and opportunities for all.

Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable Addressing Gender Portrayal

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting spearheaded a pivotal dialogue on “Gender Sensitization – Portrayal of Women in Media” at Hotel Ashok on March 11, 2024, morning. Distinguished speakers from governmental bodies, media organizations, advocacy groups, and entertainment industry giants convened to delve into critical aspects of gender representation in media.

Panel Composition and Agenda

Government Initiates Discussion on Gender Sensitization in Media The panel comprised representatives from diverse backgrounds, including the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Prasar Bharati, FICCI, UN Women, Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, UNICEF, and notable media outlets such as Times of India and BAG Films & Media Ltd. Renowned actress Anupriya Goenka also lent her insights to the discussion. Moderated by Primus Partners, the session unfolded through two comprehensive segments focusing on ecosystem analysis and future strategies.

Themes Explored

Discussions traversed a spectrum of themes, ranging from the prevalent portrayal of women in media and its societal implications to the identification of stereotypes and challenges faced by women in the industry. Emphasis was placed on media’s responsibility in crafting inclusive narratives and fostering accountability, alongside the imperative of employing gender-sensitive language.

Promoting Diversity and Breaking Stereotypes

Participants deliberated on best practices for promoting diversity, dismantling stereotypes, and harnessing the transformative potential of media for societal betterment. Collaboration opportunities between media entities, advocacy groups, and content creators were explored, with a shared vision of fostering an equitable society that offers equal opportunities to all citizens.

Government’s Commitment to Change

Ms. Neerja Sekhar, Additional Secretary at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, underscored the joint responsibility of the state and society in driving change. She affirmed the government’s commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces and promoting women’s equal participation across all spheres, promising continued engagement with stakeholders across media platforms.

Empowering Narratives and Policy Integration

The discussion spotlighted initiatives such as the “Guide on Gender–Inclusive Communication” by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the “Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes” by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. Panelists emphasized the pivotal role of storytelling, facilitated significantly by OTT platforms, in avoiding stereotypical portrayals of women and advocating for gender-inclusive narratives.

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Towards a Gender-Equal Media Landscape

In conclusion, Ms. Charu Malhotra, Co-founder and Managing Director of Primus Partners Pvt. Ltd., reflected on the enriching discourse and underscored the imperative of normalizing women in diverse and influential roles within media portrayals. The consensus echoed a commitment to bridge gender disparities and empower women through collaborative efforts, culminating in a more inclusive and equitable media and entertainment sector.

Through collaborative endeavors and policy integration, the trajectory set forth by the panelists aims to usher in a gender-equal media landscape, where women claim their rightful space and narratives reflect the diversity and dynamism of society at large.

Key Points:

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting hosts roundtable on gender portrayal in media.

Panel includes stakeholders from government, media, entertainment, and advocacy sectors.

Discussions revolve around current portrayals, stereotypes, accountability, and language use.

Emphasis on promoting diversity, breaking stereotypes, and fostering empowering narratives.

Government committed to driving change and promoting gender equality in media.


  1. What was the focus of the roundtable discussion?
    • The discussion centered on gender sensitization and the portrayal of women in media.
  2. Who were the participants in the panel?
    • The panel included representatives from government bodies, media organizations, advocacy groups, and entertainment industry giants.
  3. What were the main themes explored during the discussion?
    • Themes included current media portrayals, stereotypes, accountability, language use, diversity promotion, and fostering empowering narratives.
  4. What is the government’s stance on promoting gender equality in media?
    • The government is committed to driving change and fostering gender equality, as highlighted by its initiatives and collaborative efforts with stakeholders.
  5. What are some of the initiatives discussed during the roundtable?
    • Initiatives such as gender-inclusive communication guides and combating gender stereotypes handbooks were discussed, along with the role of storytelling and OTT platforms in promoting inclusive narratives.

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